Do_Set_Servo in Spray function ( Parameters Pump )

Is it possible to use the command Do_Set_Servi and to have the parameters of the functional pump because currently I can only activate or turn off the pump at a defined pwm value ?
Is there a solution ?

Why not simply use an external relay connected to Aux pin and assign it to a switch on your TX to turn it ON “or” OFF manually.



Currently in manual operation all works correctly on the other hand in Auto flight I no longer have the progressive rise of the pump this one is either on or off but no progressive operation. This is what I would like to refind in the Auto mode as when operating in manual mode

Check this thread…

I had already seen this thread but as my pump works correctly it does not help me

Explain what do you mean by, “but no progressive operation”…Not following you. you mean your motor is either On “or” off…? Does your PUMP designed to control the speed of the sprayer based on PWM value provided by FC? FC can not control the speed…

Give me the specs of your pump system.

Does your pump came with a PWM speed controller?

Ok I will try to explain again :

When I activate the pump manually it will flow more or less flow depending on the speed of the drone (That’s good it works).
By cons in Auto mode the pump no longer regulates the flow depending on the speed that’s just it, I hope you understood me better sorry for my English

My pump is this model :

Do you have the spec sheet of this pump? Let me check how is it designed to function first.

found it, let me check

Doesn’t look like it has any speed control…

Agriculture Drone special brush water pump step-down governor, integrated buck module and governor as one, streamlined wiring, support 15-60V wide pressure input, external 12V brush pump, built-in drug detection function, module ring Oxygen resin potting, dustproof and waterproof

The use of the drug detection function: the drug detection function is currently limited to the use of 25W water pump, the 3pin line of the drug-breaking signal is connected to the detection interface of the flight control level meter, the drug-breaking signal is output in high and low level mode, and water is high. Flat, no water is low, need to discharge the air in the pump before takeoff, so as not to misjudge after takeoff.

One thing that I can’t understand is how it can work properly when I am in manual if I don’t have a speed controller ?

When you say it works properly, you mean you are able to control the water flow?

Yes depending on the speed of the drone my flow is more or less high but only when I activate the pump manually

Get a servo tester which will mimic a PWM output and test it on the ground if you can actually control the flow.

Something like this…costs like few dollars

Other people who used this feature and who works?

Hi chr89,

I am a sprayer drone productor, yes, I am using this feature nothing problem to work !

When you using in AUTO, the system will do the Servo PWM control, but, when you using in Manual or Guied mode, you need active RC8_OPTION = 15, when 8 is servo slot that you is connected PWM pump cable, ok ? Programming your switch Radio Control to change value of channel 8, it will change PUMP OFF = 1000 PMW and PUMP ON = 2000PMW, and parameter SERVO8_FUNCTION = 22, OK ??

Thank you Frasmosnt for your answer.

For the activation of the pump in manual mode I have no problem.
In Auto mode it also works PUMP ON and OFF with the PWM servo control.The problem when you activate the pump automatically by the PWM servo control function the value is fixed and does not vary depending on the speed of the drone.

Currently I have to manually switch on the pump in Auto mode to benefit from this function.

welcome Chr89,

Ok, I understanding, we don’t have this “switch” to turn on/off spray system ! We need new Mission Planner functionallity, “DO_CHANGE_SPRAY”, not by Servo PWM, because servo PWM do pump control directly !

I am studing to do same functionalities for Sprayer in Mission Planner, I am work in Survey screen first !

I will do new issue for the group, I will call you for coming with us,

good day

Ok thank you, just a question what is the Survey screen I don’t understand ?