Do_Set_Servo in Spray function ( Parameters Pump )

@chr89 Hey man I am using the same model as you. But before i put it with pixhawk I am trying to mannually feed PWM signal to the water pump interface using raspberry pi. Do you have any idea how i could get it to work with pi.

Also I am thinking of using a relay method if i cant get the motor controller to work. Please HELP <3

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Hi farmosnt…

Im facing the same issue as Chr89… it seems all my configurations are correct except for the RC8… in my set up its RC9 (RC9_OPTION =15) which is used for the pump. Does is must to be on RC8?
What are the default Flight Modes You are using to arm and taktakeoff before you switch to Auto…

Also its very kind of you, if you could let me know how you continue mission after RTL from a empty tank or Low Batt…?

Thank You Soo Much
Im Sanka
With Love from Sri Lanka :sri_lanka: