Do_set_mode: unsupported

Hello, I am trying to use a raspberry pi to control a pixhawk1 running SUB firmware. When I try to set any mode I get the message COMMAND_ACK: DO_SET_MODE: UNSUPPORTED

Any idea why its not working? Most other functionality seems to be fine.

Which FW version? can you share the code?

I was using a custom version but switched to the standard stable version and set mode is now working. However when I try to use ‘long commands’ like setyaw and attitude they are accepted but don’t result in any movement from the servos unlike when I use mode ALT-HOLD. Any idea what might be happening? My test command is setyaw 1 5 0 which I believe should set the yaw to 1 at a 5 degree angular velocity. Am I using the command properly? I’m using chibios SUB 4.0.2 on a pixhawk1

I think that will only work in guided mode.

Ah darn, guided isn’t supported by sub.