Do not find follow mode parameters from Full Parameters List in my MissionPlanner

Yesterday ,I want to test follow mode ,and I find follow wiki page,the page show that follow mode have some parameters I should be set . My QUADROTOR firmware version is AC3.6.2 ,and my MissionPlanner version is 1.3.59 ,in my MissionPlanner’s Full Parameters List ,I don’t find follow mode parameters.

But strangely ,I connected my HeilCopter which firmware version is the same 3.6.2 with the same MissionPlanner,I surprised find there were follow mode parameters from Full Parameters List.
I also do not find previous firmware such as AC 3.6.0 3.6.2 , and I can’t download the previous version of firmware to test if my firmware version lead to I do not find these follow mode parameters.
Has anyone met this problem like me? @rmackay9@zhangsir

@tridge Thanks for helping me!

I guess maybe Tridge already helped you? In any case, I suspect the issue is that the -v2 version of the firmware was loaded to the board. the “-v2” version is for the Pixhawk boards that suffer from the 1MB limit. It may be that if you switch over to use the ChibiOS version of the firmware that the parameter will appear. The AP ChibiOS builds are smaller so everything can fit even on boards with the 1MB limit.

Thanks for your help! I’m very glad to receive your reply.It’s my first time receive your reply.:smiley:

At morning ,I had made two tests according to your reply.
First,I uploaded AC3.6.3 QUAD firmware to my Pixhawk which hardare version is pX4 2.4.8, and MissionPlanner page prompts me if I need to upgrade to Chibi0S,I clicked YES.After uplaod, my system message was shown in the following figure

But I also didn’t find these parameters.
Later,I eased AC3.5.7 HEIL firnware in my CUAV PixhackV3, and uplaoded AC3.6.3 QUAD firmware to it.This time MissionPlanner didn’t prompts me if I need to upgrade to Chibi0S.I didn’t care abou it.After uplaod,my system message was shown in the following figure.
Fortunately,I find the follow mode parameters this time .

Thanks ,The problem has been solved.

I didn’t know the difference between CUAV’s PixhackV3 board and Pixhawk(px4 2.4.8) board.
pixhackv3 This is CUAV Pixhackv3.

This is Pixhawk(px4 2.4.8) on my QUAD.

Which key factor contributed to this problem? @rmackay9@tridge

I suspect the CUAV Pixhackv3 is a ChibiOS only board and probably doesn’t suffer from the 1MB limit. We probably only added support for this board under ChibiOS which explains why MP doesn’t ask the “Upload ChibiOS?” question.

To sort out the Pixhawk board, I suspect you can load the -v3 firmware onto this board and it will actually fit. So perhaps manually download the “-v3” firmware from this directory (for NuttX) or the “.apj” file from this directory (for the ChibiOS version) and load it to the board using the MP’s “load custom firmware” option.

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I follow your step ,upload “-v3” firmware for nuttx ,I find these follow mode parameters successfully.Thank you very much! :+1: