Do LUA scripts work on real controllers

Do LUA scripts work on real controllers, or is it just for simulation

Absolutely. There are Lua scripts being used for many, many different purposes. There is a minimum hardware requirement.

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that is, if I load the lua script onto my controller and not into the simulation, will it run?

Sorry for the stupid questions, I just asked ChatGPT, and he said lua scripts for simulation

Well yea if everything is done correctly:
Lua Scripting

Don’t even mention a ChatBot here on the forum. It’s the quickest way to get your post deleted. Posting the response that is, you are fine so far :slight_smile:

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And could you jump in, I have a mate a 405 hdtv controller, but it only has 1 MB of flash memory, and this does not allow me to use lua scripts, do you know any way to run scripts on my controller

Thanks a lot for the answer

No, you are out of luck with scripts with that FC. I recently replaced a couple F4’s for this reason.

:expressionless: And what compact FC do you use with support LUA

If by compact you mean the 30x30 or 20x20 board formats I have several Matek H743’s (Slims and a Mini). I replaced the F4’s with Cube Orange +'s.

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Thank you very much :grinning: