Do I need to reverse a steering servo for auto mode

I notice my steering servo it operating in the wrong direction but can correct it with a setting in my transmitter, but will this affect auto mode and travel in the wrong direction when switched to auto?

It may. If it works good in steering mode it should work in auto

Thats the problem I think, it also turns in the wrong direction when in steering mode. I can’t see how to change that in mission planner, because the option is grayed out. I think I may have to make a new steering linkage. I read it’s not as simple as changing the red and black wires at the servo plug. If you have any helpful advise I would be grateful.

In the full parameter list you need to reverse the servo output for what ever channel you are using for steering.

I have tried to change the 1 to -1 and although it goes to -1 It doesn’t make any difference to the servo direction.
I am using an APM 2.6 and rover 2.5 and can only assume it’s not available in that version.

There are many things not available with that obsolete flight controller.

Actually I just want to drive in a straight line in a predetermined direction for about 2000 meters, you would expect that would be simple for it to achieve.

Do you reboot when making these changes? I used an APM 2.5 a long time ago with rover 2.5.

No I haven’t done a re boot. I will give that a try.

Have re booted, still no change.

It seems that the servo can’t be reversed via the software, unless someone updates the code and I can’t see that happening. I can’t reverse the servo, I tried to and damaged the little pot inside.
SO, … time to change to pixhawk.
Just one thing I am not sure about (so far) and that is the zener diode. Some say to use one and some say it’s not needed. One other problem the zener diode recommended is 5.6 volts at 5 watts and I can only get 5.6 volts at 1 watt.
Is 5 watts really necessary after all its only powering the pixhawk and that wouldn’t draw much, would it?

I have had some success with the apm 2.6.
I modified the steering linkage so that now the steering is the same in manual mode as in auto mode and now I can follow some way points.
I see others in the past have had the same problem with the car turning in half circles caused by steering in the wrong direction.
The old software (rover 2.5) does not seem to be able to reverse the signal to the servo.
I just need to adjust some settings as it is starting from home very slowly. Not sure about how to do that yet, so if you could point me in the right direction it would be a big help.