Hello friends. Have a question. Im building a big drone and I want the features of Ardu like mission planning, RTH, Loiter etc. Im going to list my parts and if some of you who know more than me could tell me if Ardu will work and if I still need a pixhawk Module of some sort. I feel like Im missing something.
BTW, Im not racing this drone. I know it looks like an X-class which it pretty much is but Im doing something else with it.
Im making my own frame out of carbon fiber tube (Im a fabricator by trade)
Motors - Xing 4214 660kv
ESC’s - FlyColor X-Cross HV 5s-12s
Power dist- APD PDB500
Flight control -Matek F405-HDTE (can run ardupilot)
Video transmission and glass - Walksnail HD
Radio and reciever - Radio master TX running Express ELRS
Props 15x11 MAS
Is there anything else I need?
Thx in advance

You are definitely cheaping out on the flight controller, get yourself at least something with 2 IMU and preferably internal vibration isolation like ProfiCNC or CUAV Cube.

These props look awfully high pitched to me.