Do change speed in waypoints in auto mode

Hello guys.
I want change speed with do change speed command.
First half fly with AS, second half mission fly with GS. But no effect to change.

Do change speed work correct in auto mode ?

Which firmware version? Post a .bin log file.

Now im use on simulation arduplane. On monday i will try to use with real plane.

I want to change :

3 point we use ground speed 20m/s
7 point - we use arspd 22m/s

But when we use 7 point speed stay ground 20m/s.

It’s amusing that you did not answer any of my two questions :slight_smile:

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On monday i will drop to you bin.

Hello ! I am having a similar problem. Can’t use GS. I am using MP 1.3.80 build 1.3.8479.20539 ArduPlane V4.3.7(2d1a8a28). What am I doing wrong ?