Do all quad motors have to be exactly at the same level (height wise)?

I have a theoretical question.

  1. What if I put two front motors of a quad on equal plane.
  2. The back two motors will be lets say 3 inches higher than the front two motors.
  3. The distance between the motors will be exactly the same and far apart as normal quad.

Will there be any issues flying this quad while the front two motors and the rear tow motors are not exactly level (same plane).

Please let me know.


This should be no problem. As long as the rear props are higher than the front props. This way the propwash of the front motors will not affect the rear motors,when tilting/flying forwards.

@count74 - have you ever tested such a config? yes theoretically it should work but its not.

When I tested the quad behaves weirdly. Especially when you are trying to land, it flips when it reaches the ground.

Yes I have tested it. The last vehicle I flown with a similar motor configuration, was my mini talon quadplane. Before that a copter with a pusher motor and once a copter with front and back motor on one level and left right motor 50cm below. You have to make sure the FC is level when the copter is on the ground, of course.

Please check this thread posted by one of my friend. We are struggling to solve this problem.

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