DJI OSD Voltage Read Out for 12s

Anyone know how to get voltage read out for DJI googles for 48v or is there a way to some sort or current read??

I know betaflight uses force battery cell count to use as a work around, wonder if Ardupilot has a workaround??

Yes it’s possible but with trickery.

Run a 22k resistor, a 1k resistor wired like the plate attached. Map it to an adc pad (rssi or curr or etc) and then adjust it under battery/power on setup.

I’m running 2 PDB with a x8 configuration 4 esc’s to each do I need to the run the resistor setup to each PDB current pin to get this to work? And not sure if my adjustments worked maybe I’m not doing the correct adjustments for the OSD to be reflective.

Can you draw a simple diagram of how you have it all wired up?
I’m not quite getting the details from the text…

Currently don’t have it wired up yet with resistors still trying to figure out how to proceed. Nonetheless I’m running APD PDB with there F series 120 ESC with the Lumenier LUX H7 FC it cant handle 12s so I’m using the ESC telemetry to show battery voltage. With it being 48V not getting any accurate readings out the goggles. With your diagram I’m trying to figure it how to wire similarly. From the PDB I’m running telemetry info from ESC to FC to the mapped serial ports for this particular FC. Hope this helps. Thanks

APD setup_2022-12-11_223905.pdf (407.5 KB)