DJI Inspire on Mission Planner

Hi, I want to use Mission Planner on my DJI Inspire. Did anybody had any success? I also will use Windows 10. kindly give me advice.

The only way that would work is if you replace the Flight Controller with one that runs ArduCopter. Use Litchi.

Hi Dave, thanks for the speedy reply. Have you tried it , I supose you have. Would you prefer the Mission Planner or standard DJI software?

I haven’t tried it because I know it won’t work so the question of preference is moot…

# Mission Planner Overview

Mission Planner is a full-featured ground station application for the ArduPilot open source autopilot project.

I use Litchi with a Mavic Air, it works well.

If you are fluent in building android apps, can program in C++ and adventurous enough (plus have a spare android device in hand) then you can try experimenting with Rosetta Drone (… but if you aim for quick success you switch either your drone or your ground station.

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The OG resetta drone project hasn’t been updated in a long time. There is a fork (?) that is currently being maintained at

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