DJI FPV OSD not working correctly after update from 4.1.7 to 4.2

After the update to Ardupilot 4.2 I noticed that all my OSD items were in other locations and also some items projected over each other.

I could not move the OSD items under OSD1 like I could in version 4.1.7.
After some tinkering I found out that when I set the OSD_TYPE from 3 to 0 all the OSD items were back in the correct position where they were before the upgrade, but now I can’t change it anymore. Is this a bug, or how can I manipulate this in this version?

You definitely want OSD_TYPE = 3.
I have this on 4.2 and it works fine for me at least.

I know I normally need this on OSD_TYPE = 3 but than all the text is mixed up, I will try to make a picture from the goggles tonight. It’s very strange it’s working perfectly with OSD_TYPE = 0??

I will also post the param file tonight

This is my OSD setup for DJI v2, works fine for me:

Thanks for the param file, I copied the OSD items in my setup and everything works fine now.
But it’s weird that with OSD_TYPE = 0 I still had the OSD items.



AR Wing Pro 18-05-2022 after 4.2 Update MSP_TYPE=0.param (17.4 KB)

I have some problems,after update to 4.2,the battery voltage display wrong,the flight mode can’t not display in message position

Copy the OSD_ items from the param file from Andy to your setup and it’s working fine again.

But some osd parameters don’t want to be like him