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DIY Li-Ion batteries for use in UAVs and math

Ah ok! We utilize APD ESCs on our birds (both small and large) and believe that this cutoff is disable by default. Will have to check into it though - thanks for the help!

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Great knowledge love it.

Motor cutoff is definitely something to keep in mind, happened to me at 60m, wasn’t nice to watch :wink:

For magnetic field, never happened to me, no interference on imus.

I always thought that charging with BMS, you don’t know what happens in each cell and it becomes like a black box. So I actually chose to use balance cables. What charger do you use for that?

I use something like this for charging

And this BMS

I plug it into the PC from time to time to monitor health, but you can also hook it up to BT module.
(Never tried that).

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Adding a few bits and pieces and you get smart battery
Love it

Very nice discussion , hope to find a magnetic disturbance solution here !!!..made myself a 6S2p (outof Sony matura’s VT6 3000Ma -30A ) but cannot use it because of this …see YT .

If this is the battery you’re going to end up using, why not just do a compass calibration with the battery installed in the quad?


I did and it flew (bad) , but then i have to disable one of two compasses also they see differences.
Problem is there seems to be no way to completely disable the pixhawks internal ?. Also …its a lot of hassle to re-calibrate every time when i use one of my other battery’s (lipo) again. So not the best solution for me.

See this post about the manual compass prioritization in 4.0.4rc2.
It enables manual control of compasses priority and enable/disabling.

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