Distance travelled discrepancy in the log index

Hi all,
I found there is a discrepancy in the distance travelled value that is shown in the log index.
Plane flew total 53.8 kms but the log index was showing 1.988234234E+08?The max plane went 19kms far from the home in a straight line.Distance values from other logs also don’t match with the actual distance travelled by the plane.I am attaching a picture.Could anyone please comment on it?Thanks.

i would need to see the log file to see why it miss calculated the number

Thanks Michael for looking.Here is my log.

Hi Michael.Were you able to download my log?Thanks.

I have attached another log in different post where someone is having same issue.Thanks.

can you guys please try the latest beta MP.

i fixed a bug on the DF log calc, as well as a smaller one in the tlog calc. but now i believe it should be accurate

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Confirmed!! Its fixed.Now it shows accurate values.Thanks a lot Michael.


Hi Michael,

It looks like that distance travelled value bug has somehow returned again. I tried the latest version and distance travelled is way more than the real distance. Could you please check? You can see in the picture that all the values on this index are not correct.
Is there any other way to calculate the total distance travelled from a data flash log instead of using log index? Thanks.

i think i would need to see the log to check why it calculates it like that

Sure. Here is the link to the log. Thanks.


Hello Michael. Did you get a chance to look at the issue? Thanks.

Log index is showing almost the double distance travelled by my plane. I have 2 GPS’s on my plane. Could it be due to that? Thanks.