Looking for the flown distance data in the log browser

Hi to all. I have been using the Mission planner for some time, but have not discovered where to look for the flown distance information after the mission is completed.
Having flown the mission, reviewing the log, we are able to go through a lots of data, but where do I find the info about the distance the plane actually flew during the mission. So far I solve it by transferring the log to the KML file where you have the distance stated. But I am sure it is in the mission planner log browser too. If you people know, can you please direct me there. Thanks

have a look at logindex

control-f > log index

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Well this works for the data that are logged by the installed mission planner on the computer if the telemetry is connected during the flight. I examine the data directly from the SD card that is flown during the mission in my pixhawk.
If I try to change the directory in within the function index log - it reports an error.
Would it be a problem to add a column in the mission planner - review a log - stating the flown distance as well as time in the air? I could imagine it in the GPS column

the latest MP versions also looks at logs and bin, and the browse button has been fixed

Well I must be doing something bad as for me it still does not work. Mission panner updated. When trying to logindex (bin files) placed in an independent folder, the bin files are not visible there. I get this error:

Anyway could the flown distance be placed in the mission planner data flash columns?

could you update to the latest beta.
I just updated it to resolve this issue.

I’m not sure why, but it doesn’t like one of the filenames.

thanks for the screenshot

Latest beta worked for me. The files were visible this time. Thanks a lot

Michael what are the units supposed to be in the index log. Somehow I am not able to work it out. It might not count the flown distance correctly if it is meters

Mine says TimeInAir 00:09:25; DistTraveled 594776m

How could it have home 594km?
Do this really mean 594776cm? Is that a bug for it to say m instead of cm?

This is the latest MP.

can you post the log that caused that jump?

Same problem here.Flown my heli for approx 8 minutes and log index says 752330 meters.

One more request Michael,Is it possible to add one more field under GPS showing distance from home.It can be useful to resolve RSSI problems or to evaluate radio’s capability.One can see the graph of RSSI vs distance from the home.I know it shows it on a telemetry logs but not everyone uses long range telemetry radios.It would be awesome if one can get that info from the data flash logs.

Here is my log showing 752330 meters in 8 minute flying.

I can confirm its fixed in the beta update.Now log index is showing correct values.Thanks Michael.

ninja - could you please lead me where can I find flown distance and possibly distance from me ? i’ve searched each tab available at log browser and I have not found anything which would show total distance and distance from home.


For checking total distance travelled from the data flash log, Press Control + F and follow directions as per the pics.

For max distance from the EKF origin, follow this pic.


Thanks for your answer.

I dont know why ctrl+F does nothing in my case. I also initially used LOG file and selecting manualy “BuiltIn/Distance from EKF” basically did not open up the window you showed - also dont know why.
When i used BIN file, distance showed up directly on the graph - not in the windows you were showing.

Also, when now i try to overlay RSSI signal onto distance they share the scale so its not readable. When I compare other parameters selected from the tree that works well.

Update your Mission planner to the latest beta.

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So I did update to the beta and now I cant see that distance at all when i choose it from the drop down list :).
Version: image
What i see is:

Also, when you say to click ctrl+f and select logindex - it bases on tlogs, I dont have such ones, im not using mavlink telemetry during flight. I am reviewing my logs - not tlogs.

Log index works for both SD card logs and tlogs.

Regarding not seeing any graph, you may have to ask the developer. There might be a bug in the latest version.

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