Discussion on Indoor Loiter between Randy and Chinese developers

Hi, everyone. Nice to meet you. I’m Riddle from China. We are running a China’s drone community(DroneChina.org, which is under construction) for some time.

DroneChina community has established an academic exchange and cooperation relationship with ArduPilot, and more details with Randy Mackay who is one of the key members of ArduPilot. We have built a Wechat group for discussing Indoor Loiter. And the discussion of Oct. 26th, 2016 are listed as follows. May we could make it into document later.
Now Chinese developers are using Wechat and QQ software to communicate with each other which both support PC and Mobile Phone.
We now has gathered about 2,000 potential developers at DroneChina.I think there will be fantastic spark when you and us Chinese developers meet. Hope you could join us using QQ or Wechat.

If you have some interest, contact me plz.
My personal ID social network software is as follows. Maybe you could just download a Wechat and add me as friend.
QQ :2841460973
Email: riddle(at)dronechina.org
All Right. These two pictures are the detailed discussion. Enjoy ; )

###Part 1

###Part 2