Disarm/Arm in the air

I was testing Plane 3.7 today and has 2 issues.

  1. Getting the compasses to not throw an error is becoming more of an art than a science. Had to redo the compass calibration about 3 times and even then sometimes it would say inconsistent compass health and other times it would not. In the air, sometimes the compass on the EKF is perfect and other times it’s completely maxed out red. Highly annoying and there has to be a better solution about the compasses, seems to be a major pain point for many people.

  2. Randomly after my short mission, I was in RTL waiting to experiment with reverse thrust landings. As it was in RTL, mission planner warned me 2 seperate times that the plane had disarmed then armed again. It seemed to continue flying well, however, my heart dropped both times after hearing Disarmed while the plane was mid flight. Any idea whats going on with that? Here’s the T-Long, if the .bin is required please let me know and i will get it off the plane.

Thank you,



Any luck with your problem.
We have been testing Plane 3.7 as-well and have had random short disarms during mission. They were short, however the last one stayed on till it crashed. It was really hard to recover and there are some damages, hit a tree.

More logs please! I can’t see any evidence in that tlog of a bad disarm event from vehicle 1. Mission Planner appears to use the heartbeat message to determining the arm status, and it is always set to armed while you’re flying:

Please set LOG_DISARMED=1 when doing this testing, and supply some dataflash files.

@pompecukorAre you using Mission Planner as well?

yes, .bin logs are always helpful. Please share!

I also see the same msg on mission planner on Plane 3.7. It shows on HUD rapidly. The flight continues undisrupted.

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I will get you the .bin files when I get back to the US. That is very concerning if this caused your plane to crash.