Disabling GPS failsafe?


Basically I am trying to fly autonomously inside a warehouse, due to certain factors (aluminum structure maybe) for some instance of time, I lose GPS signal, which instantly triggers GPS failsafe. I have my computer vision script running for indoor navigation but since the flight controller activates failsafe, my script just couldnt make it through… I am using guided mode with set body velocity function to move the quad.

So, previously I tried ALT_HOLD as failsafe mode. While drifting, I was able to get GPS fix again within 20sec of hovering, but the problem was when the CV code tried changing the mode, the copter rejected the change mode command and keeps on rejecting unless I land the quad and restart the whole thing.

Is there any way to disable GPS failsafe, as I am sure that my code wouldnt let the quadcopter go wild.

I am using Pixhawk 2.1, HERE2, and Raspberry Pi 3B+ for this operation.

Indoor you might want to use guided_no_gps, so you can set attitude reference. If you had a positioning system, you might want to use that as well