Direction problem with cube orange

Hello everybody,

Today I wanted to fly with Orange Cube FC with my new copter, Arducopter
The following happened: The copter flew normally, but as soon as I turned the copter 180 °, the control commands pitch and roll were reversed:
As soon as I pushed the pitch lever forward, the copter flew backwards instead of towards me.
Also the roll commands were no longer correct, if the copter flew with its nose towards me and I pushed the remote lever to the left, the copter flew to the left instead of to the right.

Only when I turned the copter so that I was standing behind it, the pitch and roll reactions were correct.
That was the case in PosHold and also in AltHold mode.
I’m really at a loss what that can be? I checked whether the Super Simple Mode was activated, but found nothing.
Have already done the compass calibration twice.
I restarted the copter several times and kept getting the same problem.
Here are my compass settings:

Here are my log files, maybe you can see what happened here:

Thank you in advance!