Direct link for Older Firmware?

Hi all ,

I am trying to download the older firmware for plane such as

3.4 , 3.5 .

I want to download them without the mission planner . to use it when offline .

when I visit the link I found :

     beta	--	--
latest	--	--

I think my needs in the first folder 2017-03
but inside it all folders is named by the Date .

I don’t know how to find the specific firmware ?

Any way to download the firmware file using MP ?

Any Help


Using Github Tags, you can select an older version and download the source. I think you need to compile and upload to your board manually, if you take this approach.


I am not talking about the ardupilot code ,
I just want the firmware files such as ( AP 3.4 , AP , 3.5 , AP 3.6 , ect ) .

to do my tests when I am offline


Strange, the firmware server used to contain older versions of firmware. It’s not there anymore.

Mission planner can still download the older firmware, so I guess its present somewhere but I can’t find it. Perhaps one of the devs can help us out here




Take a look at history of hex for AP
Where You can switch to any tree and get hex which You need.

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thanks a lot @Nikita

this solve my problem …

regards .

Another thing I want to know .

What is the Different between the three files

such as 3.7.1 has :


Dose it mean all of them are same ? and v4 is the latest ?

Regards .

Each hex is for different type of board.
The v1 file is for PX4v1, the v2 file is for PX4v2 (the Pixhawk), the v4 file is for PixRacer.

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thanks @Nikita got it .