Differential Steer Settings Arduboat Frame_Type

Hi, I am making a boat with two motors, and no rudders controlled by ardurover.

From this thread, it seems that you should only need to set frame_class to 2, and frame_type to 0, but my mission planner full parameter list does not even list frame_type as an option. In the picture below, you can see that the frame_type parameter does not show up.

What parameters should I change to get diff steer?
Is there a different way to set up differential steer?


I looked at the same thing in apm planner 2 and have the same issue

Please read the Wiki. You will need a SERVOx_FUNCTION of 73 and 74 for the left and right motor.

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Sorry I’m new to all this stuff.

All my settings are default except: frame_class = 2. servo1_function = 73. servo3_function = 74.

Motors are plugged into ports 1 and 3.

The servo output for 1 and 3 are throttle left and right respectively.

The green throttle bars move when I move the transmitter sticks. However, when I move the transmitter’s throttle stick, and the mission control throttle green bar moves, but the servo green bars do not move and the motors do not spin.

I checked and it is armed, is there something obvious I’m missing?

Are you sure it is armed? Do you have a parameter list you can post. A .bin log is a big help also.

I turned it on this morning, changed literally nothing compared to yesterday, and it worked! I have no clue why it decided to haha

Thanks for the help though!