Different controllers?

I’ve loaded the control software for the hexacopter and on that I’m using a PixHawk 2.1 Cube. If I want to use ArduPlane on a plane, do I have my choice of the 2.1 Cube, an ArduCopter controller, or the newer Raspberry Pi capability? Thanks.

Can you give more details?

A hexacopter would usually use ArduCopter software, not ArduPlane, no matter what hardware you use.

When you say “an ArduCopter controller” what do you mean? Could you send a link? (Perhaps you mean some older hardware than a PixHawk 2.1?)

I knew my verbiage was gonna be confusing.
ArduCopter for the hex drone that already has the 2.1 Cube. Purchased, configured, still building the hardware.

ArduPlane for plane style drone hardware TBD, and controller TBD.

I’m asking which controllers work with ArduPlane. Erle-Brain (RPi?) older pixhawk unit than the 2.1 Cube or must it be the Cube? I’d like to experiment with the RPi for this task IF the software can be compiled and properly executed on an RPi3/Erle-Brain, running in the Raspbian environment.

Does this help? http://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/common-choosing-a-flight-controller.html

See also it’s first link about Hardware Options.