Difference betwen FLT vs FLTE, FLTD and FLTT

The latest v 4.2 replaces FLT with FLTE, FLTD and FLTT parameter under Extended Tuning.
What is the relationship between the old FLT and the new parameters?
What I really need to know is how I can easily translate my old FLT parameter into the new once?

Take a look at: Now that I have system identification data, what do I do? - #18 by amilcarlucas


I think if the vehicle has been upgraded from 4.1.x to 4.2 then the filter parameters will have been upgraded automatically.

  • FLTT filters the target (aka the desired rate or whatever)
  • FLTE filters the error (difference between the target and the actual)
  • FLTD filters the error but only for the D term

I think the Tuning Process Instructions have suggestions on values depending upon the propeller size which may help.

… and more to the point the parameter conversion code is here with this comment:

// multicopters move ATC_RAT_RLL/PIT_FILT to FLTD & FLTT, ATC_RAT_YAW_FILT to FLTE

… so the old _FILT parameter is being copied to _FLTD and _FLTE for Roll and Pitch. For Yaw the FILT param is coped to FLTE.

Thank you all. This is great.
My system was upgraded from 3.6 so I got really confused.

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