Did not hold altitude in Guided_noGPS

Hi all, I am currently using Pixhawk 2.4.8 and I am trying to get my drone to fly in an autonomous indoor environment. hence I am testing out basic script in Guided_nogps mode from this script: https://github.com/dronekit/dronekit-python/blob/master/examples/set_attitude_target/set_attitude_target.py#L8

Unfortunately, my drone did not hold at 1m (as set) but it rises beyond straight up. May I know what could be the issue here and how may I resolve this?

Appreciate any response and thank you in advance!

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High vibrations, maybe… it is usually the Nr. 1 Problem. Did you configured the dynamic notch filter?

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Thanks for responding.

Not that I know of, everything is still set at default. Is it recommended to be change the value? If yes, is there a fix value that I could change?

While building something as complicated as a automated flying robot, one should read forum posts and some of the instructions… it tends to reduce accidents and broken hardware.

That put aside, here is the info that you should have read: https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-imu-notch-filtering.html before flying indoors