Dev Call March 30, 2020

Issues & Pull requests





Attendee count (max): 19

UTC1100 - conference round-up

  • Great success!
  • Thanks to Luis for ongoing work doing videos

UTC1103 -

  • Camera trigger distance
  • Redo issue corrected
  • Merged!

UTC1105 -

  • We should probably remove SONR
  • Merged!

UTC1107 -

  • Add ap arming check that the sticks are neutral
  • Throttle?
    • Throttle trim is unused in Plane
    • Close to min in Plane?
    • Sprung throttles?
    • [10:09 AM] (Channel) MikeGrindle: For Soaring, throttle may be at max because it is used for flaps
    • We have throttle-above-min as a separate check for Copter….
  • Rudder-arming is done specially
  • Elevator and rudder could be coupled on the transmitter
  • Too strict?
  • Tridge has seen a log where a copter’s target waypoint shifted when landing
  • No stickmixing on Copter, but the land repos had much the same effect
  • Go to the skyviper auto-adjust-trim stuff?
    • Continual adjustment of trim while disarmed to match stick positions
  • RC_OPTIONS bitmask?
    • Keep arming stuff within arming?
  • Yaw in takeoff and qloiter
  • Auto missions in plane when it doesn’t follow the track
    • Commanded!
  • Needs to check it works with no RC failsafe
  • Will be interesting to see how beta goes

UTC1107 -

  • Merged!
  • Redundant check

UTC1125 -

  • Weird naming

UTC1126 -

  • harmless
  • Passes in a for loop variable into another function which that function then munges
  • Peter to look at

UTC1133 -

  • Merged!
  • Redundant assignment

UTC1135 -

  • Merged
  • Static

UTC1138 -

  • Merged

UTC1138 -

  • Download parameters really, really fast
  • @PARAM/readonly etc etc
  • Only get changed parameters/
  • API for adding massive amounts of data availability?
  • Uses up 6kB of flash
    • 1MB boards?
    • 5.5kB if we move to gcc 9
    • Saves about that moving to 6.3
  • Gcc 9 has better bug finding
  • Capability bit?
    • MP is choking trying to use this feature when it doesn’t exist
  • We would overflow boards with this as it is
  • Would need to support different compilers on autotest for different tags
  • GCSs would still need to support the older version
  • Use a fancy compression rather than tinflate on things the board doesn’t need to interpret
  • Gain flash by using better than gzip for decompress
  • GCS_SEND_TEXT isn’t too nasty
  • We’ll come back to this one
  • Parameter docs as a file?
  • File formats will be documented better
  • Tridge will be looking at a small implementation of a better compression algorithm

UTC1151 -

  • Can be merged once it is tested
  • Randy’s ESC telem library should be used by SITL

UTC1157 -

  • Emit statustexts for watchdog resets
  • Test with SITL OSD
  • Can be merged if all of the message isc scrolled on our internal OSD

UTC1103 -

  • MML player is vulnerable from scripting
    • Really long scans?
  • Depth limit or loop limit?
  • Merged
  • There’s a 100 byte limit

UTC1107 -

  • Tridge will try nudging Graupner
  • Need before/after photos

UTC1111 -

  • Documentation question left outstanding as not sure what’s that’s up
  • merged

UTC1115 -

  • Merged
  • Fix for timeouts in mission downloads

UTC1116 -

  • Fix for user-reported error
  • Calc-gps-position wasn’t called
  • Can be merged once the = false is removed

UTC1118 -

  • Send only old value for read-only param set
  • GCS should start to look for index of 65535
  • Merged

UTC1120 -

  • Avoid console annoyances
  • Merged!

UTC1122 -

  • Not an easily reviewable PR
  • Need to know how to run it under SITL
  • Needs the non-associated patches pre-merged
  • Needs offline review

UTC1127 - Plane update from tridge

  • Nothing major
  • A few small fixes
  • No new release under way
  • Probably start new Plane beta when Randy starts his Copter beta
  • Time-sync with IMU data on T265 is a priority ATM

UTC1127 -

  • Beta soon-ish - next week?
  • Not much in the way of support
    • Omnibus single-axis failure
  • Object avoidance bendy-ruler issues
  • 4.0.3 doesn’t have some efficiency improvements
    • Starved for CPU
  • Landing detector filtering fix will go into 4.0.4

UTC1132 - RM3100 PR

  • Scaling issue
  • Getting some testing done
  • Changes devid
  • Will force recalibration

UTC1135 - GSoC

  • Applications close soon
  • 3 weeks to go through proposals

UTC1135 -

  • Compass calibration fails if no internal compass is in use
  • Michael’s pointed out where to add nacks
  • Doesn’t start, doesn’t give error
  • Make compass-enable a reboot-required parameter
  • Make compass calibration fail if compass isn’t initialised

UTC1149 - moving baseline issues

  • GPS ordering?
    • Serial ordering
  • Tridge to work with Jaime
  • Nav_offset_xy vector?
    • Window-cleaning
  • Put an offset into ahrs-view?
  • Coupling of yaw and position
  • Fix it on companion computer?
    • Jaime tried that but when the vehicle yawed problems happened
    • 1cm radius are nasty!

UTC1155 - Close