Dev Call March 16, 2020

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Attendee count (max): 18

UTC1100 - call happening on Zoom

UTC1122 - constexpr

  • Merged

UTC1124 - AP_Param write param request

  • How to handle failed request from GCS

UTC1125 -

  • MdB needs a way to get a NAK
  • Mavlink2 extension for a nak?
  • MAVProxy will just match the name
  • Just matching names
    • Extend MAV_PARM_TYPE?
    • Invalid mav param type?
  • UI still needs to tell the user they didn’t get something through
    • 65534
    • High bit set
  • MP should change the interface based on when parameter values come in?
    • Full parameter page might already magically update?
    • Randy will raise an issue
  • Tridge: We shouldn’t lie about the parameter value
  • Pymavlink will not like 65534
  • Param-type won’t work because of tools
  • 65534 will be problematic for tools
  • Bulk download protocols via ftp is coming…
  • Tridge is really not liking the lying aspect
    • GCSs will display the wrong value if a packet is lost
    • And the tlogs will also reflect the bad value

UTC1154 - VFS

  • ROMFS files can be downloaded via ftp
  • Lua scripts can be in ROMFS
  • Build scripts into firmware
    • Can then rely on the script being there
  • Scripts subdirectory in source tree under hwdef directory for board
  • Sitl ones are in root directory
  • Bulk download of parameters coming
  • Profiling / statistics
  • Testing?
    • Build system changes
      • Bug discovered
        • Varies in surprising manner
        • Configure clean build was different to clean configure build
          • Optimisation on ChibiOS kernel build changed!
  • Browsing through ROMFS not working with MP ATM
    • Doesn’t like colons ATM
    • Also, empty directories
  • Multi-threaded access?
    • Should OK
  • To use this, consider doing an include of an existing board and doing everything under your new directory
  • Would be nice to jam stuff in using apjtool
    • 8kB limit
    • 1kB on most 1MB boards
      • Owned by AP_Param, too
    • Maybe create a new area for it?
      • Compression!
  • MissionPlanner problem issue:

UTC1159 -

  • AP_GPS offset for blending was incorrect, past end of array
  • Minimum fix was OK
  • MdB asked for more extensive patch
    • Lots of dead code to remove
    • Including comments indicating how important the code was
  • Should merge this ASAP
  • MdB will look at it

UTC0021 -

  • AP_Periph update to pixel API
  • Fixes compilation
  • Tridge will test on a cuav gps

UTC0023 - AP_Compass fix incorrect use of hal compass backends

UTC0025 - Copter takeoff and velocity commands

  • Ferris-wheel example
  • Rover also gets velocity commands

UTC0028 - Plane stuff

  • No updates
  • No new beta
  • A few things are accumulating
  • Several important AP_Periph fixes
  • Airspeed sensors…

UTC0032 - Copter stuff

  • 4.0.3 seems to be pretty stable
  • Tridge is looking at performance regressions ATM
    • Nothing PRable ATM
  • Neopixel sync issue
    • Fixed in master
  • Extra input channels
    • Buzz supplied a new binary for the rfd900x
  • Dual CAN compass order changing
  • 4.0.4 will be a larger release with some enhancements

UTC0038 - Conference planning

  • Audio seemed OK
  • … phone network for some was problematic
  • … timetabling discussions….
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