Dev Call Jan 21 2019 2300 UTC

Issues & Pull Requests


  • Dataflash -> AP_Logger rename, dataflash support,
  • fixed git hash in APJ files
  • removed F4Light HAL
  • ToshibaCAN KDECAN




  • Release Update


  • Contribution of the month
  • Funding Committee
  • Partner

Attendee count (max): 24

2305 CI: Run flake8 on Python 3.7 #10278

  • WIP

2310 AP_Arming: allow arming checks ALL to pass when logging is disabled #10265

  • Peter wants something simpler so he is taking this on

2315 Plane to use AHRS_WIND_MAX as documented

  • Do we have a log where this method works?

  • Use kalman filter to validate the airspeed sensor

  • Innovations in EKF do not work for air speed validation

  • Add an airspeed offset in SITL to improve testing

2325 AP_BattMonitor: Add powering off mavlink broadcast

AP_BattMonitor: Add smart battery cell voltage minimum and diff monitoring

  • Do we want more parameters?

  • Discussion about what actions we want to take

  • 3 parameters Cell difference, Low, Critical

  • How do we detect cell issues?

2340 Plans to speed up Param download

2345: Plane: AC_Loiter: User configurable waypoint speed

  • Tridge to review and suggest that the PR be reworked using the API

2355 DShot and BLHeli ESC Telemetry support

  • Hardware issues with ESC recommended in the Wiki

  • Need to update the wiki

  • Improve the interface between the ESC and the FC

  • Put it in the carrier board

2305 Toshiba CANESC & KDECAN

0015 DF log renaming

  • Possible names

    • Onboard

    • Blackbox

    • ardupilot log

    • FDR - Flight Data Recorder

    • Flight Data Log

0025 Plane Stable release coming in the next few days

0030 Copter New release coming

Rover RC2 release this week