Dev Call Feb 17, 2020 2300 UTC

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Attendee count (max): 23

UTC1102 - EKF initialised flag

UTC1106 -

  • Two almost identical templates, one now being removed
  • merged!

UTC1109 -

  • Prevent land failsafe going back to do-land-start
  • Whitespace fixes?
  • Can be merged after whitespace fixes

UTC1112 -

  • Add param set/get
  • Great capability
  • Find call looks scary
    • [10:13 AM] To Weekly devcall: Maybe need to keep a “handle” on a parameter?
  • Holding semaphores in scripts is scary stuff
  • Any scary stuff in terms of race conditions when we register stuff e.g. quadplane?
    • Probably not ATM
  • merged!

UTC1117 -

  • Compass ordering improvements
  • Randy tested it and couldn’t find any bugs in flight code
    • Also tested the MissionPlanner screen and found plenty of issues
      • MO is chasing
  • Interesting type-safety trick
    • More comments would be nice
    • And some variable naming
    • But this is something we can use in other places
  • External interface to compass library isn’t changed all that much
    • 1st/2nd compass you just ask for it
    • Behind the scenes it uses a priority scheme to return an object
      • Could get interesting from a logging perspective
        • Only in parameters, not in log messages
  • Reboot required for parameters to have effect
    • Need to be tagged @RebootRequired
  • On boot parameters are reordered
  • Casting needs to be fixed
  • Should be merged mid-week

UTC1126 -

  • This probably won’t play well with dynamically inserted SD cards
  • Could possible create the directory when an SD card is inserted
  • Having a SIM parameter which disables file system access would be good
    • So you can start simulation without storage available, fail to arm
  • Closed as breaks dynamic insertion

UTC1131 -

  • Don’t recalculate stuff when not required
  • Merged!

UTC1134 -

  • Removed unused variables
  • Merged!

UTC1135 -

  • Reduce memory usage associated with sandboxing
  • 8500 less bytes ram for trivial scripts
  • And makes CubeBlack smaller
  • Don’t embed romfs file
  • Hacking lua sourcecode to remove stuff
    • When hacking - comment or #ifndef?
      • Less likely to conflict
    • Will move to next version of lua and do this a bit better
  • Was tested on real hardware
  • merged!

UTC1137 -

  • Shell completion tidy
  • Merged

UTC1139 -

  • Allow scripts to do prearm checks
  • One string for failing external authoriser
    • Only first failing authoriser gets to whinge
      • Like GPS library
    • High memory cost for doing all authorisers
  • [10:42 AM] (Channel) MdB: bitsets do 32 for free :smiley: this is why I’m so keen on it :smiley:
  • MdB wants to have a closer look
  • Tridge wants string-per-one
  • Arming check for allocation-has-failed?
  • Add arming check for sanity check on mission
  • MdB will merge after he’s looked at it

UTC1148 -

  • REPL for LUA
  • Found a way to reuse the ftp protocol
    • It’s in MissionPlanner beta
  • Mav-cmd-enum to start/stop repl
    • Will be used for restarting scripts
  • Need a restart button for REPL
    • MP may or may not have this…
  • AP::FS stuff needs some help
    • The eexist is odd
  • Equals-stdin on load-buffer?
  • Needs to be re-tested
  • Can be merged after a rebase/valgrind
  • Mavlink PR was merged

UTC1157 -

  • Those are the same thing
      • Copter and Sub
      • Plane and Rover and Tracker
  • Parameter conversion code would get a touch complex
  • Some magic in the GCS to not load FORMAT_VERSION and SYSID_SW_MREV
  • We’ll go to FORMAT_VERSION
  • Good-first-issue

UTC0004 -

UTC0008 -

  • Fixed

UTC0014 -

  • Hide parameters not used in AP_Periph
  • Merged!

UTC0015 -

  • Windows 7 still must be using cygwin
  • Tridge is asking for changes

UTC0019 -

  • Some minor changes and then it can be merged

UTC0022 -

  • Merged!

UTC0023 -

  • If we’re not armed we could set to false
  • Merged!

UTC0030 -

  • SITL webots enhancements
  • Merged!

UTC0031 -

UTC0037 - Plane 4.0 release

  • New release!
  • Now in sync with Copter
  • 160-odd patches
  • DNA server!
  • Big milestone

UTC0038 -

  • Copter 4.0.2
  • Issues list is getting smaller!
  • New Neopixel issue
    • Probably just out of time to do stuff
    • Peter Hall will try to duplicate
  • EAMS lab report an issue
    • Guided mode
    • 3.6 only
    • Auto -> guided
      • Then a bunch of position targets with all zeroes in them
      • Couldn’t recover in any other flight mode
        • Including stabilize
      • Lost attitude control
        • NaNs?
          • None visible
    • No issue yet
  • Wp-nav-alt-min so vehicle takes off straight
    • Don’t hold position
    • Can get a drift-away
    • EKF origin-vs-home could have affected it
    • Can get so far away from target line it won’t progress along the line
      • Will try to get back to line
      • During period of climbing straight up it won’t try to get back to line
      • If it gets blown too far from line then it won’t try to climb any more
      • Won’t generally hit it, but a combination of parameters will do it
        • Like 50m of wp-nav-alt-min, which is a lot
  • Support load dropped off significantly now

UTC0050 -

  • Rover release coming up soonish
  • non-GPS-navigation work coming

UTC0051 - Crash following 'RCInput: decoding SBUS'

UTC0103 - Reminder about open votes

  • Support positions
    • Calls for nominations for both positions
  • Also for selection committee
  • Two emails, slightly different subjects

UTC0104 - Close

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