Dev Call Dec 16 2019 2300 UTC

Issues & Pull Requests




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Attendee count (max): 26


PR review

  • Andy Piper’s, Simulate motor noise in the gyros and accels.
    • Merged!
  • Andy Piper’s, Implement support for the RunCam protocol
    • Allows control of the OSD menu using RC sticks
    • Do we want to use the same OSD controls as Beta flight which uses throttle down, yaw right which is close to our arming gesture
      • Discussed 2x2 position switch setup vs a single 3-pos switch. The two controls required are Video On/Off and OSD menu control
    • Discussion of how we can remove requirement to add duplicate code into each vehicle when adding a new feature like this. Options include adding parameters at the recently added Parent vehicle class level. Tridge to work with Andy to apply this to this PR.
    • Andy to add _TYPE parameter, _OPTIONS parameter to allow choice of 2-pos or 3-pos switch controls
  • Andy Piper’s, In-flight dynamic FFT analysis
    • Learns the frequencies and Bandwidth that should be input to the Dynamic Harmonic Notch
    • Tridge would like this implemented on QuadPlane (not hard requirement?)
    • CPU & Memory cost depends upon the compile-time-option, “FFT length”. This can be 32 to 256 on most boards, 1024 (or higher?) on H7 boards
    • Has been run on Pixracer, Omnibus, KakuteF7
    • Has minimum and maximum limits on frequency
    • Tridge asks that this is also added to the Vehicle class and that the logging be made general (i.e. not copter specific)
    • Tridge, Randy to do technical review. Run algorithm by Leonard
    • Randy to test on an IRIS
  • Andy Piper’s, Tools: align ci gcc with environment gcc on arm
    • This saves about 9k of flash on Copter
    • We need to be sure that we’ve done our last Copter-3.6.x release because Copter-3.6.x is the last version that can be built on NuttX and NuttX doesn’t build on 6 (it only builds on 4.9)
    • Merged!
    • Randy/Tridge to warn Jaxxer that if they want to do another 3.x stable release they will need to work with Tridge to do this
  • Randy’s, Copter: improve terrain following during RTL
    • Discussion re param rename of TERRAIN_FOLLOW to RTL_ALT_TYPE
    • Randy to think about this rename a bit more
  • Randy’s, AP_BattMonitor: SMBus batteries get cycle-count
  • MarkW’s, SITL: include ahrs_orientation in airspeed calculation
  • Randy’s, AP_Avoidance/AP_Proximity: simplification and efficiency improvements
    • Major point of contention was the use of EKF-origin-offsets instead of Locations in the Object Database and the issues this will cause when we come back to re-integrate this with Plane. Randy says he’s happy to change it back to Locations but is keen to get it working now for Copter/Rover and thinks this PR is a step towards that
    • Lengthy discussion on limitations of BendyRuler and why it performs better in Plane vs Copter and Rover. Points include estimation errors play a larger role in vehicles that move slowly. Randy thinks that it might be an improvement to change BendyRuler to produce a path rather than a safe direction.
    • Randy wished that more developers were available to help with the object avoidance features
  • PeterB’s, GCS_MAVLink: add mask to send_textv, use it for the GCS_MAVLINK send_text
  • PeterB’s, Use core as instance number when logging EKF data
    • This will have an impact on all the GCSs which will need to be modified to allow logging based on instance.
    • Peter to raise a PR for MAVProxy
  • MarkW’s, Plane: update tailsitter speedscaling logic
    • Couple of fixes re parameter descriptions
    • MarkW to ping Tridge once done and we will merge to master so it can get more testing before the next release
  • Giacomo892’s, ArduPlane: added RC option for LOITER mode
    • PeterHall & Tridge to squash commits down
  • MattL’s, Copter: Pilot RC stick control of Circle mode radius, rate, & direction
  • PierreK’s, Probe for rm3100
  • Tridge’s Plane Release update, Plane 4.0 release
    • New Plane beta is out
  • Randy’s Copter’s update,
    • Want to include PeterB’s fix to the NMEA output feature
    • The current plan is to release Copter-4.0.0-rc3 for beta testing today (17-Dev-2019), intensively beta test it over the next week and then if all goes well release it as soon 24-Dec-2019

Randy’s Rover update,

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