Dev Call Aug 31 2020

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UTC1100 -

  • Testing?
  • Moving from namespace to a class
  • Alex will rework along object-oriented mavlite and frsky
  • Send_uint16?
  • Getting PRs merged - “obviously correct” makes things easier to merge
    • So remove the factoring until it’s useful for the other sensors PR
  • Documentation metadata broken….

UTC1130 -

  • Notify / nav lights
  • Prefer not to have to replicate the colour pattern
    • Syncing would be a problem
  • Pass references to scripting?
    • Needs to play nice with the nil-punnable case
    • AP_Notify_Scripting?
  • Create an RGBLua backend for rgb leds in

UTC1143 -

  • Create a server to pass back custom built firmwares
  • Like
  • Tickboxes for features
  • Motivation is all the work done recently to add a huge lits of new features which are fairly large in terms of flash
  • Most people won’t want srxl2 + crsf + HOTT on one board ‘though
  • Need someone interested to pick this up….
  • Sub-tasks have been broken out
  • Need to create a file format for selecting build options
  • Too many ways to configure?
    • Config.h
    • New config file
    • Header files themselves (with ifndef hal-minimi-se-features)
    • Waf configure options
    • Hwdef.dat files
  • Download config file
  • Upload config file to pre-check checkboxes
  • Running total of build size based on clicked boxes
  • Could include code for more obscure sensors
  • List of config files ito build
  • Script to estimate flash cost of each feature
  • Opentx guys
  • Probably need to get this relatively soon as 1MB boards are going to become difficult
  • Definitely need a cache
  • Want to log the configuration options into the dataflash
  • MissionPlanner to also be able to use the web service to compile
  • Just master for the time being as code changes will be required
  • Majority of our users are probably on 1MB boards
    • guesses
  • Will want to support them for several years to come
  • We’ll also start to hit limits on the 2MB boards
    • Some only have 1.7MB
      • Because of the way the flash storage is configured
  • Cache build-time errors to improve dependency trees
  • More runtime errors
  • Somehow bolt autotest on the configuration options
  • Have profiles instead?
    • FPV profile
    • Indoor flight profile
    • Outdoor flight profile
    • Managed permutation of builds
  • UI elements to select default profiles (e.g. select all / select none / select FPV)?
  • How small can we make ArduPilot and still have a functional aircraft?
  • Make quadplane an optional build?
  • Copter’s structure is good for doing this
  • Plane not so much
  • MissionPlanner to be able to use connected autopilot to preconfigure interface
  • SBF GPS on 1MB boards is problematic
  • We already do support hacking chunks of code out with

UTC0023 -

  • Use offset from EKF origin
  • Was improved last call
  • Follow-up change so the incoming messages are also from EKF origin
  • Re-approved and merged
  • Sub needs to fix it
    • Randy will

UTC0028 -

  • Scripting for basic walking Rover support
  • Freaky videos in blog post
  • RC channel options for roll/pitch
    • So scripting can get them
  • More review would be nice
    • Need to get this in before end of GSoC
  • New script that allows you to avoid installing robolearn

UTC0033 -

  • GPS Rtk baseline changes
  • Fiddle with single-precision constant stuff
    • Because we need to check for a specific double value
  • List of files which allow double maths
  • Removing -fsingle-precision-constant isn’t viable as submodules aren’t rigorous about adding the “f”

UTC0043 -

  • Make a bitops.h
  • GSoC project to improve build speed
  • Can be merged after bitops.h has been added as a separate patch

UTC0052 -

  • Plane update
  • New beta is out!
    • No issues reported
    • Nobody’s actually reported it has flown either
    • Beta fatigue…
    • Weird RTL issue?
  • Hopefully get release out next week

UTC0054 -

  • Copter
  • Two reports
    • Here2 not detected?
  • More testing would be good
  • Beta fatigue again…
  • Josh flew beta without issue

UTC0056 -

  • Rover
  • Not much to report
  • Video of large mower using GPS-for-yaw
    • Moving baseline
    • Would GSF do the same thing?
      • Three F9 GPSs is a big investment in hardware
      • GSF yaw is logged…
        • Will try to get log
      • Graph GPS yaw vs GSF yaw
      • Initial movement would be required
      • Can use GSF as yaw source
      • Some arming checks might need to be bypassed…
    • New mission item to calibrate GSF?
    • Use Mavlink message to specify initial yaw…
  • S-curve stuff by end of September
    • There is a PR for that
    • Needs more information - what’s the next waypoint?
    • State is problematic - perhaps some callback to get follow-up locations
    • Splines aren’t as spliney as they used to be
      • Might just have to live with that

UTC0105 - GSoC update

  • Two hours past the end of GSoC
  • Congratulations to the students
  • Harshit working on documentation for EKF changes
    • EKF3 affinity
    • Thanks to Henry for reviewing docs
  • Another 6 or 7 days for evaluation
  • PR for walking robots merged
    • Docs are in
    • roll/pitch balancing not working yet so legs tend to drag
    • Need a patch against our all-frames-supported page
    • Randy would like to put together a robot
      • Wiki already suggests HiTek…
        • Need 12 servos!
          • HiTek repo on call will…. Talk offline…
  • Object avoidance has had a huge number of features added
  • Thien’s depth stuff is amazing

UTC0111 - close

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