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Dev Call Aug 23, 2021

Issues & Pull Requests




Trad Heli


Attendee count (max): 21

UTC2302 -

  • Adding documentation on parameter conversion removal
  • Want the created date, not the expiration date
    • Number of versions + date?
      • Don’t have the information at time of writing to determine when it should be removed
  • Dump to a file instead of stdio
    • Dump just after system initialisation
    • Still based on the #ifdef

UTC2312 -

  • RPM some TLC
  • MergeOnCIPass

UTC2319 -

  • Log MCU information
  • min/max/avg voltage
  • Need to make temperature signed

UTC2325 -

  • More messages for us to pass through
  • No evaluation of the actual content of the messages
    • But we need to route them
  • Merged!

UTC2327 -

  • Move mavlink master forward
  • Out-of-date

UTC2329 -

  • Fixes 65ms pauses
  • Problem in ChibiOS
  • Could notionally cause a 4200s delay
    • Extremely rare, you’d need to be incredibly unlucky
  • Will be in next round of betas/rcs
  • Minimal fix / better fix will come later
  • Leonard’s paranoia internal_error found this one for us
    • Not the problem he was actually trying to find
  • How does this happen?
    • 16 bit timers wrap every 65ms
    • If you sleep on that wrap for a very short period of time the free-running timer might get out-of-sync with internal data structures in ChibiOS.
    • The 10us is time for linked lists to be updated
      • 2us is not enough
  • Change our min-delta back to 2 once the other fix comes in

UTC2336 -

  • Copter-tailsitter
  • Needs to fly before being merged
  • Work on better transition support is welcomed

UTC2337 -

  • Add enable flags to some parameters
  • Merged

UTC2339 -

  • Check all GPSs for health in arming checks
  • Tells you which GPSs are bad
  • Do health check first
  • Checking home should be done separately or we say bad fix

UTC2347 -

  • Remove Compass calibration start/stop on sticks
  • Radevs don’t use these
    • But they’re not all users
  • Don’t need to calibrate compasses every time you fly!
    • Only when you change the vehicle
  • Does Solex do compasscal?
    • Yes

UTC2351 -

  • Baro temperature adjustment update
  • SITL fixes

UTC2355 -

  • MS5525 fix result based on temperature
  • Float vs int64_t?
    • Tridge made a change like that
  • Signed vs unsigned?
    • Losing the negative case somehow
  • Might be overflowing…
  • Need to test this on an actual ms5525 when it is cold

UTC0003 -

  • Product names in code not good
  • Should already find PERIPH in the hwdef.dat
  • H757 change is just because a bad pdf extraction

UTC0009 -

  • New LUA script to aid switching between GPS and OF
  • Code changes to provide more innovations
  • MergeOnCIPass

UTC0014 -

  • H-wing quad-x pop-up issues fixed
  • Should we split out the tailsitter commit separately?
  • For 4.1?
    • Probably not
    • Min fix for 4.1.0
    • Another for 4.1.1
  • PH will test all of this properly

UTC0017 -

  • Fails compass calibration start if no compasses

UTC0019 -

  • Move parameters up and down
  • Should calculate everything once/loop
  • Merged

UTC0023 -

  • Reserve serial ID for codevESC
  • Merged

UTC0024 -

  • Unit testing for SITL
  • Having SITL die on a NaN?
    • It is settable?
      • Not for the internal_error
  • Peter will have a closer lookg this-afternoon

UTC2337 -

  • Deny arming in some q-modes
  • Merged!

UTC2339 -

  • Plane update
  • Some interesting logs have come in
    • Noting disastrous
  • 65ms fix to go in
  • And perhaps some tailsitter changes
    • Might have to wait for 4.1.1
    • .1s have traditionally come along within a week or two

UTC2341 -

  • Copter update
  • Couple of new issues
    • KDECAN unreliable with >2 motors
      • Motortest spins motors 2 and 3?!
    • Acro mode loses control at zero throttle even in airmode
      • Airmode spools to zero throttle?
      • Pre-existing?
    • NMEA yaw drift issues
      • Replay log needed
      • Unsure what the actual problem is…
        • Not fusing the yaw?
    • Surface tracking issue…
    • BAT_ARM_VOLT not working?
      • Logs look OK to Randy
    • Circle mode not responding to circle radius parameter…
      • Partners relying on this behaviour
  • New beta or rc on Thursday
  • TradHeli can now take off in guided mode!
  • PositionControl has gained several little tweaks and checks that should go into 4.1

UTC2352 - TradHeli update

  • Autotune alpha version (ff and angle-p tuning) has been out for a while
    • BG got a hold of a nice simulation he was able to integrate with his SITL
  • Rate-p and rate-d tuning coming soon
  • We may be able to predict rate-p and/or angle-p

UTC2356 - Rover update

UTC2358 - GSoC update

UTC2359 - which cameras should we support for OA and whatnot

  • Rishabh has been playing with OAK-D which has been good
  • With Realsense going away we need options to replace D455 etc

UTC0000 -

  • Additional axes for manual control
  • Extensions need to understand all-zeroes stuff
  • Add a flags field to indicate additional fields are present?
  • Use DO_AUX_FUNCTION to set a value for a continuous aux function
    • Need to worry about failsafes

UTC0020 - close

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