DEV call 07 Nov 2016 3pm PST = 07 Nov 2016 2300 UTC

I got caught by the time change and missed getting an agenda out prior to the call starting but here are the notes from the call.

3.4.1 release
3.4.2 beta testing
px4 flow is disabled on Pixracer
DWM1000 update
Flight timer
Servo Gripper
RC input out New Driver Infrastructure
Default to PX4 drivers but can enable in tree drivers
Moving to HAL Nuttx
Looking for a working PX4v1 to test driver
IC2 & SPI commands over MAVLink
GPS ublox 38,4 --> 115
need to sort out sending the configuration strings
Accel Cal mavlink message/support/proposals
Java implementation for MAVlink 2
RTK serial testing continues but continues to be problematic. Dropping position samples
Pixhawk 2 unboxing
Philip may do a “boxing” video
Partners update

Dev call time will stay at 2300 UTC and not track the change from DST to ST

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Install and open mumble
from the Server menu select Connect
server address:
port: 65535

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