Dear Developers help the Loch Ness Monster on this great day

My dear Developer friends,as in the 13th cousin removed of the Loch Nes Monster and not the brightest light in the shed,could I please ask for a feature that would be usefull to many and have a feature that let’s you pause a mission on a switch.My reasons are today I was doing a we mission while Nessie was a sleep and videoing it but I came across a scene that would have been nice to take pictures of if mission was paused and in loiter,so please merry Developers grant the Monster his wish lol.

May you all have a Prosperous 2022 and be in good spirits if not full of them,

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Speaking of spirits, one of your country’s better known exports has left a good dent in my brain this morning, so if go easy if this answer doesn’t help too much…

You should be able to pause a mission just by changing flight modes. What happens next well be guided by MIS_RESTART.

Also check out:

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all the very best to you and keep taking the scotch mist medicine work’s wonders will look at them tomorrow Nessie has some sampling of the exports to do Allister

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