( Deadline! - battery monitor shows 0v )

Hi. After changing the initial parameters ( into bigger props ) i also marked the "add suggested settings for 4.0 and up ( Batt fs and fence ), and now it always shows 0 volts ( like if monitor wasn`t plugged in ) I was trying to change type of batt monitor but nothing happend. I kinda need to fly this thing today ( i have 4hrs left before showing it to public so if someone could help i would be so much thankfull )
parameters octocopter - battery monitor shows 0v.param (17.3 KB)

I use the power c1 plug in cuav v6x with the power module that commed with it. ( i never had this issue before )

Is everything connected properly (dumb question but way too often the problem) and did you check the voltage scaling factor?

Yes it is … at least i think so… i mean it was working till i did these init. params change … i was always using dedicated power port1 and never had that issue … i will try to apply params i backuped earlier and maybe it will help. But i did reset params once and even after reset it still shows 0v.

Which makes the hardware issue more likely…
And I think there is no default for the voltage scaling so you have to set it after reset too
Check Batt_Volt_Mult

Is it possible to connect power module via telem/ serial port? I have one from pix32.

Not as far as I know.

Use “compare parameters” in Mission Planner from an older file and see if there is something obvious. Like the CAN parameters perhaps.
To use that Pix32 monitor, the analog one I assume, the voltage output would have to go to a analog voltage input pin on that FC.

I dont see anything connected with can … only voltage level functions and accel/gyro/compass calibration params are changed. Also cuav always shows 0v ( pix with usb shows 0,2v and same power module ( that doesnt work with cuav ) connected to pix shows 59v becouse of a multiplaer but that shows that the power module is probably ok. Btw i loaded old params into fc … thats why the table is reversed.

I saw this in the parameter file you posted.
Isn’t it a CAN bus power module? If not then ignore what I said.

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image it is … i was trying to run all different configs but nothing happend : from docs

or from other posts that has issue with power monitor

BATT_MONITOR,8 is indeed DroneCAN
If you have the optional high voltage battery monitor they have a different chip that doesnt yet have support - there is a PR in for it. The standard DroneCan power brick that comes with the V6X should work but might not tolerate your battery voltage. Even the second Power port only takes DroneCAN too, so you cant just plug in a ordinary analog power brick.
Any change to BATT_MONITOR requires a reboot before it is effective.

All you can do is disable the monitor.

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it was previously working with the same voltage … it didnt have any sort of crash or abusing i think. i also checked it with less cells battery (3s,4s) and nothing… but as i was saying before after connecting same power module to pix it was indeed working ( but has high lineal multiplication )

i discovered sth… i mean both 3s and 6s connected to that power module ( from v6x) shows exactly same voltage ( 59,9v) and 6a without any load ( motors are not connected )
On pix32