Data Request: CUAV PixHack v5 log file (electric heli preferred)

I am in the process of setting up my Blade 360CFX with the CUAV v5 flight controller running ArduCopter 3.6.9 and would like a dataflash log file from someone who already has their helicopter (preferably electric) setup and running using the CUAV v5 hardware. This will give me some reference of what “good” data and responses should look like.

I haven’t completed going through the initial tuning setup, but there appears to be significant noise present in the RATE.R and RATE.Y channels:

I am running a CUAV V5 in my Synergy 626. It has a Eflite 700 size motor with Castle Creation 80 HV ESC.
Here is a link to a log file of a flight I flew a few weeks ago. This was a special build of 3.6.9 that has the L1 navigation controller from plane in it. I was doing some auto test flights with it but there is still stabilize mode flight data in there. If you don’t mind would you post your param file so I can see your settings?

In the future, I would suggest posting to the Traditional Helicopter subtopic of ArduCopter. You would get more attention of the helicopter community.


Thanks for the data - I definitely need to rethink my mounting method as I clearly have excessive vibrations.

Here is the parameter file (note I was in the process tuning the Rate Roll/Pitch kD)
initialTuning-0.param (24.0 KB)

I have my unit mounted with a thin double sided foam tape. The foam does not provide much vibration absorption. These units have internal IMU vib absorption. I will look at your param file in the morn.

on the 360cfx there isn’t any flat surface to mount to so I quickly put together a “less-than-rigid” attachment point. my plan now is to make a more permanent rigid attaching plate and then use double sided foam tape.

@bnsgeyer do you have any log files you could share which were recorded with the LOG_BITMASK options ATTITUDE_FAST and IMU_FAST selected?

I was able to reduce my vibration levels by building a more secure mounting plate and attaching the PixHack with homemade foam tape (high strength double stick tape on both sides of 1/4" protective foam rubber)

Here is a comparison of the log file Bill had posted compared to my original and new mounting method (note that my flight only included small perturbations about hover).