Data Logger Issues

I am having trouble loading my data files. My drone landed randomly, and I would like to know what went wrong. Attached is my data file and what I see when I open the graph.

Have you seen Plotjuggler Dataflash plotting! - #17 by amilcarlucas ?
It is a lot simpler to use than mission planner. And you only need to configure it once.

How do you open a .bin file with the Plotjuggler?

I don’t see any problem loading that file. And what do you mean by randomly? In this event it’s in Stabilize, you lowered the throttle, it descended…

You install the plotjuggler plugin I posted and open the bin file

I have installed the Windows version of Plotjuggler but have not yet found a suitable plugin for .bin files. Can you please provide a link?

Sure, here it is again:

In your link or under “Code” I can only find the source:


Is there no ready-made plugin that I just have to copy into the PlotJuggler directory? In this case, I’m just a user who just wants to use the program …

I know it’s not your program and not really your problem, but if such tools are to be used generally, then you should also look at it from the user’s point of view. And they usually have a Windows installation and not a developer machine.

That is what I told @khancyr a couple of times already. But until now, no reaction.
Ask him to merge the github pull request, and then you can use the plugin.

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