Dangerous altitude climb

I was flying my copter in loiter mode in pretty strong wind. Every once in a while the altitude would shoot up. My copter would take off like a rocket. The logs show that it knows its altitude estimate of altitude is far above the desired altitude, yet the throttle output keeps growing until it reaches full scale.

Log is attached. Anyone see anything similar?


2016-05-24 17-19-39.log (881.0 KB)

Hi, your z-accel are almost certainly the cause - you can see very high z-vibrations. You need to reduce vibrations and/or improve the mounting of the flight controller.

I had a simular issue like this. Flying into the wind would cause it to take off. Vibrations was the cause.


But if the altitude estimate is above the desired altitude, why does the throttle keep increasing instead of decreasing?

What about the accelerations causes it to fly upwards?

It seems like there should be a control fix.


The barometer does not have enough priority to stop the climb. Based on the IMU’s it thinks its falling and corrects for that ignoring the barometer. This has already been discused.