D shot 600 issues

I’m attempting to get telemetry using d shot 600 on 4 ADP 200F3 ESCs. When attached to a single ESC I am able to obtain telemetry and my telemetry signal looks pretty good, however the problem arises when more than one ESC is attached. My oscilloscope shows that for each ESC I add, the “low” voltage deviates further from ground, almost as if a DC Offset is being introduced when attempting to transition from high to low. Once more than a single ESC is added, the logic voltage deviates outside of what the serial line expects so it no longer reads the signal. Has anyone run into a similar problem with ESC’s and telemetry before? I have pictures of the signals if that would help. Thanks in advance!

Contact APD, they will know what to do. Also specify your flight controller.
Also what serial port settings are you using?

Most have RX pull-down set
but you might need RX pull-up

Let us know more details and what happens

Good evening Shawn,
Thanks for the post, I have reached out to APD and I am awaiting a response from them. In the mean time I have been trying to rule out configuration issues on mission planner. It appears that I am running serial protocol 16 (esc telemetry) and SERIAL2_OPTIONS 0. I tried your suggestion of RX pull up and down but neither did the trick.

What Flight Controller do you have?

I have been using cube orange.

Did you solve the telemetry voltage level issue?

No, we are proceeding without telemetry in the mean time.

Hey, I am now facing the same issue with a different type of APD ESCs (40F3 with 360PDB), were you able to solve the telemetry issue?
What did APD recommend?