CX-OF - NavEKF2: allocation failed

I am using micropix,
When i enabled all the options for the CX-OF i noticed i started having problems connecting,
I would get hangs on the “Got param STAT_RUNTIME” screen.
When i connected immediately after boot it was ok.

When I changed mod to “flowhold” i had the “no such mod” screen (also on 3.6.6).
Now with the fmuv3 version on arming i get:
PreArm: Waiting for Nav Checks
On boot i also saw NavEKF2: allocation failed
After a few minutes while connected i stop getting updates to the HUD and when I disconnect i can’t connect back without a reboot.
Is it memory issues? (I also have these problems with chibiOS)

Does your board have 1MB or 2MB?

I use a micropix, the specs say 2MB, I also checked, its v3 so there shouldn’t be a problem with the 1mb limitation.

P.S. I also tried with the FMUV3.

No one stumbled on this one?

Do you have a link to the actual flight controller? I’m not familiar with “micropix”.

This is the flight controller:

Thanks. I don’t think any of the dev team has one of those, so it’s untested, and it’s not obvious what the manufacturer has changed from spec on the board.
The first thing I’d check is the power supply. Does the issue occur when on battery, or just USB?

This happens with and w/o battery,
It also happens when i just configure for the CX-OF even without actually connecting it.


The “NavEKF2: allocation failed” means that the EKF hasn’t been able to allocate enough memory. This is quite severe issue actually and surprising because most Pixhawk-family boards have more than enough memory available. Perhaps a ton of features and/or more than two EKFs have been enabled. If you have a parameter list or preferably a dataflash log we can have a look.

Txs for the report!