CustomMode in diff version 3.6 and 4.4

Hello guys. I am a new one in this community. I`he read topics about customs mode. And the instruction for creating in official docs Adding a New Flight Mode to Copter — Dev documentation.
Can you show me my errors why it does not work? GitHub - yuriystupak2020/ardupilot at custom_mode_copter And another question where and how can I find information how to do a custom mode for old version 3.6 because instruction for a new version 4.4. Version 3.6 needs me for simulator and camera ROS and a new version does not work there proparly. Thank you for your answers and job.

AtduCopter 3.6 is very old, please do not use that. The 4.4.2 version is better in many many ways. If you found a problem with 4.4.2 we will help you fix it. But on 3.6 we will not, because we do not use that for many years now.

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Ok.understood. Can you fix or show me errrors in link above there is the last version of ardupilot I was trying to create my own mode?

You completly butchered the parameters.cpp file. No wonder it did not compile.

Please add only “mfly” relevant changes on top of master. Then it will work.

ArduCopter 4.4.2 has improved MAVlink support, including improved and extended ROS support.
Simulator support has also been improved. I still do not understand why you need 3.6.