Custom SITL setup

Hi everyone,

I have developed a custom Android mobile app that we are using as a GCS. We have already tested this in practice with a real drone (23kg VTOL quadplane, ArduPlane v4.3.5, even done BVLOS) and it works great. I now want to add some features to the app, but I want to be able to test them in simulation using SITL so that I don’t actually have to fly the drone for simple tests.

What I need to be able to do this is have a development environment in which I can connect an Android app to a SITL drone (ArduPlane quadplane). The Android app will either be running on a physical mobile device on the same network as the computer with the SITL or on a virtual device (Android Studio emulator). I will also need to connect the SITL drone to Mission Planner or QGroundControl on my computer (so I need the SITL drone connected to two things - my app and my desktop GCS).

Is it possible to just run the default Mission Planner SITL and not only be connected to the SITL drone via Mission Planner but also through something else (e.g. my app) ?

How can I create such a development environment? Any ideas would be much appreciated.

EDIT - I can connect a MAVSDK server instance to my Mission Planner SITL via TCP. Can I somehow connect my Android app to this MAVSDK server instance to be able to have it connected to the MP SITL?