Current not been loged on 3.6.6 [CLOSED]

What can make the current not be logged? I have this message on the Auto Analysis: “Test: VCC = UNKNOWN - No CURR log data”. On Mission Planner, Standard Params, Log Bitmask, CURRENT is checked. Also, the battery values seem ok on mission planner during flight. I have Mauch Power Modules, and running on a Cube, with Copter 3.6.6.


a log would be good. Also on which port is the Power monitor plugged in?

I suspect this is more a issue with the auto analysis tool than the log, have you looked at the log directly?

Thank you for your help. Here is my last log:

It is not only on auto analysis. In the log directly I also cannot see anything related to the battery.

As you can see in this log, I got a Battery Failsafe because of low Voltage, and I was seen the Voltage and Current on the mission planner. The problem is just logging it.

I have a power module connected on Power 1, and a Mauch UBEC on Power 2.

And here is the bin version:

Its all there… look closely…

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Yep, you are right. I guess the log entry changed, from CURR to BAT. I did not know that, and looks like neigther auto analysis.


Hi Eduardo,
I’m in same situation:

  • I could trace current and voltage on log analisys
  • autodiagnosis report Test: VCC = UNKNOWN - No CURR log data

I don’t understand your final analysis:
It’s only a problem due to log on new copter firmware?


The current firmware changed the log entry, and probably the auto-analysis tool will be fixed in the next update of the mission planner.