CubeOrange and TMotor ESC

I just purchased all of this equipment…

*Tarot X6
*Tmotor U7 V2 490kv
*Tmotor 40A AIR ESC
*PixHawk orange cube
*Herelink HD Video Transmission System

After already buying EVERYTHING I’m seeing post saying that “Tmotor 40A AIR ESC” has issues calibrating or working properly with the PixHawk Ardupilot flight controller. The post I’ve seen have been from long ago(5+ years) Was this an issue from long ago or am I still gonna run into problems today. I know people are gonna say to try it out but I’d like to not open the new packaging & just return it if I’m gonna be told ahead of time that theirs gonna be an issue…?

No issues using the air 40A escs with a cube black. Have used them on multiple copters now.

Probably gonna take this drone to a hobby shop & have them calibrate the ESC because I don’t want to deal with the headaches…
Could you please tell me the best setup you have with these ESC’s as in are you using dshot? Do you have them plugged into the AUX pins or ??? Whatever you have yours setup as I’m gonna try to do the same…
Thank you

No problems at all using air 40, i’ve tested in two cube black and one orange.

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I’m kind of a newbie
Do you run the ESC’s to the AUX pins or the other pins…? I’m asking because people are confusing me with using Dshot & others saying don’t use Dshot?

Those are old tech ESC’s and will not run Dshot. Configure for PWM and calibrate them the usual way.

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Hi, how are you, Giovane? I have a problem with the calibration of my orange cube. I have ESC t-motor Air 40A. I have performed the calibration several times, but some motors always accelerate more than others, how can I contact you for advice?

Is that testing on the bench? If so it is not a valid test.
Only judge by using MissionPlanner motor test.

I use the semi-automatic ESC calibration, but I dont have any of those T-Motor ESCs

The best way to get help regarding your issue would be to create your own topic about it and than explain your issue, what tests you have done.