Cube Orange unable to detect Barometer

Hello All,
We were using cube orange for Arducopter and Arduplane firmware and it was working properly, but today when I am trying to flash the firmware of ardupilot it is throwing this error :

30.11.2021 13:52:20 : T Failed
30.11.2021 13:52:20 : Config error: Board Validation $CHECK_BARO1_PRESEN
30.11.2021 13:52:20 : Config Error: fix problem then reboot

We tried all the firmwares of Arduplane and Arducopter (i.e. from V4.0.0 to V4.3.3) but are unable to resolve this issue, Because of this issue we are unable to move forward because it won’t let us do the calibration of sensors or radio. I tried flashing the firmware of PX4 and that doesn’t throw this error, but Ardupilot firmware is required in our application. Please if you guys have any idea what could be the root cause of the issue please let us know, Thanks in advance!

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If you’re loading the standard/official AP firmware (e.g. 4.3.3) using MP and still getting this error then my guess is that this is a hardware issue, in particular a barometer failure and an RMA back to CubePilot will be required.

Maybe post an onboard log and note that LOG_DISARMED might need to be set to 1 in order to produce a log without arming the vehicle.

I use CubeOranges frequently so I’m sure the AP software supports them.