Cube Orange connection with T Motors ESC

Hi everyone, i have problems with connecting T-Motors Flame 200A HV ESC with Cube Orange autopilot. The ESCs just constantly beeps and trying to find connection. I tried to connect with ALPHA 60A HV also T-motors ESC and it connects successfully. Everything is fine with those smaller capacity ESC, the drone flies well. I dont know if its up to the frequency of the ESC because ALPHA 60A HV works on 500hz and FLAME 200A HV works on 621hz. If somebody can help me it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Are the ESCs using normal analogue PPM servo signal or DSHOT-600, DSHOT-1200, etc etc?

If analogue PPM, check that they work on their own by connecting up a servo tester and see if the motor spins (take off the props first!!!).