Cube Orange Bendy ruler does not work

I use Cube Black for Bendy Ruler avoidance. It works as fine.
When I change to Cube Orange, it does not work. in the range finder, I can see the obstacle.
What is different parameter setting between Cube Black and Cube orange.

I could’ve used ChatGPT to generate a high word count response as well, but instead I will take the time to respond somewhat thoughtfully.

There shouldn’t be any significant difference in setup between the two autopilots, and, at least in theory, BendyRuler should work better on the Cube Orange, although I’ve found that it can be extremely finicky, regardless of the hardware in use.

I’m unaware of any rangefinders that would be specifically compatible with the Cube Black but somehow incompatible with the Cube Orange (sorry, AI, you got that one wrong!).

Buried in the wall of text above is some good advice - save the working parameters from the Cube Black to a file, then connect to the Cube Orange and use Mission Planner’s “Compare Parameters” feature.


I used the bot as a joke about a flying meat smoker but I have seen it used a couple time’s here and on discord to produce bullshit. Hope it’s not a trend for the clueless just to add fluff to the forum.

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I’ve found it to be an incredible useful tool for producing code snippets and/or refactoring code in a way I might not have taken the time to discover.

But it is awful at producing factual/useful output regarding technical topics, especially those which post-date its language model. It can make you look smart to an uneducated bystander but will play you as the fool to an actual expert.

But I digress…the issue presented here should be easy to solve without so many words :smiley:

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The question used to be “do you really know or do you Google know”? ChatGPT has turbo charged that.
But yes agreed, it can produce some usefull answers.

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The Chat GPT reply was obviously wrong and has been removed.


Back on topic, if you’re running Rover 4.0, you should update to 4.2-stable or even the 4.3 beta branch (4.3 will require some re-tuning of nav parameters).

Thanks @Yuri_Rage for your response.
the dual GPS time zone issue has been fixed on Rover 4,2 or 4,3?
When I upgrade to new Rover version, the UTC time is wrong (always changes when reboot machine), I have posted this issue last year. I will found this bug.

copilot of github may help
GitHub Copilot · Your AI pair programmer · GitHub

Rather than posting links to janky AI tools, is there a GitHub issue or pull request for the bug you reference? I’m unfamiliar with it, and I have not experienced issues with GPS time on the Cube Orange.

2 antenna RTK GPS is not stable for yaw - ArduRover / Rover 4.1 - ArduPilot Discourse

Seeing as no one replied, I can’t really comment any further.

@Yuri_Rage you posted a video on YouTube for a mover that driving by 2 gps 2 years ago. I am wondering how do you made the route by circle. I only can map the route by survey in MP.