Cube Orange all 3 IMU initialisation

Hi there i am pretty much confused i am getting messages like this .I just want to know i am using Cube orange and are all my 3 IMUs initialised i mean is screenshot for what i am getting now

There is nothing to do with IMUs of your error.
You have battery failsafe.
You need to set these parameters according to your setup.

No i understand that the battery failsafe besides i am asking why cant i get the messages like this one.i just want all my 3 IMUs activate in case of any problem .

I am still using EKF2, never had experience with EKF3 but seems that it is related to EK3_IMU_MASK. What is your EK3_IMU_MASK?

Seems like IMU0 and IMU1 are checked.While IMU3 remains unchecked.Heres the picture

Check the third one, too. I believe it will appear at the boot. So EK3_IMU_MASK will be 7.

It worked and had a good flight.I just want to ask i have the cube orange frsky x8r i want the telemetry through S port i did try everything i didnt succeed.Here what i have done can you provide necessary suggestions