Cube Orange 4.0.0 I2C SSD1306 Problem

Can anyone else reproduce that? With Copter 4.0.0 on Cube Orange the SSD1306 doesn’t work anymore (on Cube Black it works with 4.0.0)

I have the same issue with my Cube Orange. Have tried two different SSD1306 displays from the recommended vendors on the Wiki. I get the same "snow’ on the screen. Edit: It has not worked on any of the Dev or RC versions I have tried, so didn’t expect it to work on 4.0.0.

There’s a lot of issues still with the Orange, and I bet they’re the same on Durandal. I just don’t have one to test.
Can you folks try getting OneShot or Dshot out of the FMU (AUX) pins ? No matter how I configure the ESC protocol, it defaults to PWM. BlHeli_32 ESCs are happy with traditional PWM, but I have a bunch of APD ESCs that won’t take anything “below” Dshot300, and they’re not happy with what the FMU outputs.

And Rich, I see an X8R there, any success running passthru on a single wire with SERIAL_OPTIONS ?

@ThePara - No luck with passthru. I finally gave up after a few evenings and ended up using Mavlink to the gimbal I was trying to control. I tried several searches on both forums (ardupilot and cubepilot) with no luck. Edit: The frustrating thing was it worked just enough to suggest I had the basics in place. If I remember correctly channel mapping was wrong i.e channel 10 would show up on 6, and the PWM values were offset in an odd fashion.

Ok, thanks for the report on the SSD1306 and CubeOrange. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this and include a fix with Copter-4.0.1.

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I don’t have a OneShot or Dshot ESCs on hand. Any other way to test that would help you?


I wonder if your issue is different from what @ThePara is reporting. DShot is normally for ESCs while I think your report is re an issue with controlling a camera gimbal. I’m not aware of any gimbals that support dshot. Maybe you could open a new thread or provide a link here to the thread if it’s already been created?

Sorry, thought he was referring to SBUS passthru… From the SBUS port… There are so many features anymore it’s hard to keep track :slight_smile:


We’ve just tested the CubeOrange with DShot 600 and it appears to work. It’s possible though that it might depend upon the ESCs being used. Could you provide the name or model of ESC you’re using? Also if you could provide a dataflash log file that would be good so we can check to see if we see any issues.

Txs for the report.

@wn0x @rmackay9

I’m referring to FrSky passthru telemetry. Serial option 10. The one that paints @yaapu 's nice HUD on our FrSky RC screens. And it’s working on H7 with our traditional MAX3232 serial inverter, but it isn’t working with SERIAL_OPTIONS inversion/duplexing, even if the uC is capable of doing it… Both F7s I’m flying (Pixhawk4, Pixhawk4 Mini) are happy with it, the H7 in the Orange Cube isn’t.

RE: DShot600 working on OrangeCube.
Can I see your log please ? Because CH8+ values (we’re working straight from FMU here) should be in a range different from the usual 1000-2000 traditional PWM. If they aren’t, your ESCs adapted themselves to the input signal - all BlHeli_s and _32 do, and run happy everafter with traditional PWM instead of OneShot/DShot

I am using an adapter I made from the FrSky FUL-1 and diode to accomplish this now. I’ll make up a cable and give it a try. @yaapu telemetry stuff is awesome.

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It does work fine on CubeOrange:
Google Photos
that “snow” display is what you get if you have NTF_DISPLAY_TYPE set to the wrong value. In the image above I have NTF_DISPLAY_TYPE set to 2 for a sh1106.

I am working on some improvements to half-duplex handling with SERIALn_OPTIONS that may fix this.
Which serial port are you using on the orange? For really reliable FrSky telem you need to have a serial port which goes directly to the MCU. A lot of boards (including CubeBlack, Orange etc) have level shifters which make using inverted protocols difficult.
If you would like to test my pending changes then please try this test firmware:
Cheers, Tridge

@peterbarker has tested a ssd1306 on both a F4, F7 and H7, and the H7 is indeed not working with that type of display. I only have a sh1106, but Peter is delving into the cause. I’ve also ordered a ss31306 which should arrive in a few days in case Peter hasn’t found the cause by then.

@tridge that was the first thing I tried. Results as shown with NTF_DISPLAY_TYPE set to 2. Screen is blank.

@peterbarker and I have found the issue and done a PR for master. The problem was a scaling bug with I2C clock speed on H7. I’ve put a fixed version of Copter-4.0.0 for CubeOrange here:
please test and confirm.
Cheers, Tridge

Yup! Works great! Thanks!


@Matt_C - The goal was to keep the mission critical components away from moisture and reduce heat loss. The orange decal on top acts to reflect sunlight on warm days. Plus, it looks cool - cause it’s my Orange Cube!


Yep. Tarot 810 Sport with several modifications. Very durable little frame. Her big sister has been stretched to 960mm with KDE3520XF-400 motors.