Cube (ChibiOS BL) + Holybro telemetry kit = won't start at times. Was working ok on nuttx

Hi all.
I’m posting here because i think mine is a software related problem.

i have some cubes and holybro telemetry kits 433mhz 500mW v3. While i was using nuttx based firmwares and bootloader, i never had problems. Since i switched to chibi, i think something has changed during boot time. Now, system won’t start (FC stays died - only blue dimmed led of Here2 gps turns on, which is its normal behaviour if powered but nothing connected to it) most of times i connect battery. Sometimes it starts, one out of 20 trials, then it won’t start anymore. If i disconnect the telemetry module from Telem1 port, then it will start normally again. If i connect it while powered (!!) it will work with no problem. if i cycle power without disconnecting it, then, it will not start again.
Sometimes when i also connect usb cable to the cube from laptop, even with telemetry module, it will likely to start more often (like one time every 2 or 3). I don’t think it’s an electrical problem, i use original cable on telem1 which always worked before.
I tried both nuttx fw (but with ChibiOS BL) and ChibiOS fw, no changes. I think it related to ChibiOS Bootloader, which i don’t know how to downgrade, given it’s possible.

Also i call for Holybro and every user which uses this thing with tablets: only cable included in the kit is a micro usb OTG. Nowadays, we use USB-C devices mostly. Attached a USB-C converter to a recent Huawei and Samsung tablets, it does not work, neither it powers up. Is there a cable solution to fix that?