Cube,BLHeli_S, T-motor ESC F45A 2-6S F45A

Does Pixhawk Cube support BlheliS ??
ESC T-Motor F45A 2-6S BLheli_S

Cube 3.6.11

I have configured according to ardupiot pages - MOT_PWM_TYPE - 4, SERVO9_FUNCTION - 33, BRD_PWM_COUNT - 6, SERVO_BLH_OTYPE - 4
Running BLHeliSuite16714901 I choose Silabs Blheli Bootloader (Cleanflight).
I click Connect and ARDU-SIlabs BLB pops up. Read setup looks for ESC and after 3sec shows find ESC 1-6 —
Serial Interface ARDU connected succesfully.
Connection ESC 1 failed. Please check data, und power- connectios to ESC.

ESC work - motor test on DSHot 400 works.

ESC connected under AUX 1 or servo 9 with function 33.

see for reference.

you can use digital protocols like DShot on all ESCs that support them. specific features like BLHeli pass-through and telemetry are supported on BLHeli_32 only though.

Thank, so must find BLheli_32 ESC from T-Motor.

They don’t have to be T-motor brand… They just have to support blheli_32